Lafeber daily diet for finches

Both grains are literally grown outside Lafeber Company's front door. Although it is more expensive than plain seed, it is also far more balanced with a higher nutritional value, and is therefore healthier.

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The business has now passed to the second generation of the Lafeber family and the legacy of quality continues. Our recipes are developed by Dr Lafeber along with top avian veterinarians and nutritionists.

Unlike many other bird food companies, we mix, form and package our food all under one roof. At Lafeber Company we personally understand the hearts of our customers and the love they have for their birds.

Those that did exhibited excessive flatulence yes, birds can do that. Seed is just one part of the equation. The food does not contain hard shells so their is less feeding mess. Just make sure that is for finches and softbills. I have 4 finches and this product lasts about 5 months.


This may partly be accomplished by providing the birds with an "egg-mix" on a regular basis boiled egg crushed shell and all with added fruits and vegetables. Lafeber Company has built a reputation for quality pet bird food and we strive to hold true to our quest for excellence as we move forward.

As a practicing veterinarian in the 's Dr Ted Lafeber Sr. Lafeber's Premium Daily Diet is a high quality blend of natural ingredients like ground non-GMO corn and soybean meal. We also add whole egg, the world's most digestive form of protein.

Whether you're a cat lover yourself or are looking for a unique gift for a friend, these adorable finds will be appreciated by cat moms and dads everywhere.

Our granule-sized pellets are a perfect fit for your finch, and can be offered as a full meal with high-quality seed and a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables.

I debated between finch and parakeet, then eventually bit the bullet and ordered this. Our associates take personal pride in their work and their dedication has helped Lafeber Company rise to the top of the industry over the years.

Finch & Canary Food

I mix the two types of egg food as I am preparing the dishes to go into the cages. Verified Purchase Doves swallow their food whole as opposed to shelling their seeds like parrots and finches do; likewise, they devour pellets whole.

They are not so much pellets as a sort of grainy, calcium grit-like dust, but my doves love it and eat plenty.Free delivery and returns on eligible orders. Buy Lafeber Company Finch Granules Premium Daily Diet Pet Food, 1-Pound at Amazon UK. We compared five unrivalled LAFEBER'S bird foods over the last 2 years.

Find out which LAFEBER'S bird food matches you. Filter by size, type, country region of. I searched for finches for sale on and wow did I strike gold.

Lafeber Premium Daily Diet Finch Granules - 25 lb. Box

I love it. ☆ AMAZON Lafeber's Premium Daily Diet for Finches, 25 LB. Buy Lafeber's Premium Daily Diet for Finches, 5-Lb at We compared 5 unrivalled Lafeber bird foods over the last year.

Discover which Lafeber bird food is best for you. Search by size, type, model and country region. Lafeber's Premium Daily Diet Pellets for Finches 1 lb. tub by Lafeber Company [Pet Supplies]: Pet Supplies.

Lafeber daily diet for finches
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