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They loved the old formula. No weight or other issues. Even if your cat seems fine on this diet can you imagine how much more energy it would have if it was eating something closer to what nature would provide for it.

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Science Diet features all of these ingredients, most of them prominently. Corn gluten in particular makes an appearance high on the list, and is a very common allergen even in cats without previously known allergies.

Any help out there? Posted on February 17, by Jane SinceAvoDerm has been committed and devoted to the cause of feeding dogs and cats, quality and healthy food.

There are some interesting AND scientific articles out there that support products like Science Diet, or even Friskies. My cat has had digestive problems.

After a thorough … Read the rest. Some are attached to different products while some are on the shelves.

$7 Science Diet Printable Coupon

Science diet also offers great products such as adult hairball control in light, dry and minced flavors, adult indoor light and dry, adult optimal care, oral care, roasted chicken dinner and a lot more. I had to switch back to Science Diet and the problem went away. In this case, the protein comes from a plant source.

I would strongly advise against feeding any food which is packed full,of cereals. Corn is a common allergen, and can cause allergy symptoms even in cats that do not have a previous history of allergies. In this case, the products were withdrawn when certain Science Diet dog foods were mislabeled.

Its expiration date is September 15, I gradually transitioned him from Purina to SD and all went well. It appears the product not only includes GMO products, but has so little nutrition that the cat eats more to overcome slow starvation. Please get them off this food at the first sign of any vomiting.

They hate the new formula Science Diet Longevity. Is Science Diet cat food a good choice for your cat? Science Diet is nothing short of pure poison. Cats, just like humans, have eating preferences. The new formula caused her vomiting after just one week, and then she simply stopped eating.

Could this be IBS, colon problem?The Science Diet line of products is marketed as “the science all Science Diet Savory Cuts canned cat food Science Diet dog food coupons from.

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Science diet cat food coupons
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